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Road construction company SIA Jaunie Ceļi

We are a road construction company in Latvia and our main field of operation is high quality road construction.

SIA „Jaunie ceļi”

  • Undertakes to perform works according to customers’ wishes and requirements and in accordance with the valid regulations and standards;

  • Undertakes to provide high quality service to all customers based on an efficient approach to the road construction process;

  • Assumes full responsibility for the company’s environmental impact, the company also undertakes to care for nature preservation and reduction and prevention of contamination;

  • In order to provide labour safety and protection of employees’ health at work, the company undertakes to provide the work environment compliant with health and safety requirements, including prevention of injuries, traumas and poor health condition;

  • Undertakes to study and follow the applicable regulations and other mandatory requirements, including environment and labour protection regulations and other requirements mandatory for the company and applicable to the quality, environment and labour protection management system, including the significant environment aspects and working environment risks (threats);

  • Undertakes to fulfil the applicable requirements and continuously improve the implemented quality, environment and labour protection management system, as well as to improve the management system efficiency and follow its requirements;

  • Undertakes to involve and listen to employees in development of the company’s activities, evaluation of risks and improvement of working environment.

SIA Jaunie Ceļi certificates

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Address: Rude, “Mežrozes”-16, LV-3264
Reg Nr.: 41203054863
Swedbank AS
Account: LV44HABA0551040070604

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